Hello! You’re an author who would like us to carry your book or maybe a friend or family member of an author, right? You’ve found the right place to get some information on how to get your books onto our shelves and possibly also and event such as a signing.

We get 2-3 requests every week from authors so we’ve got some information we need in order to be able to accept your book and some guidelines that will help you have a successful consignment/event.

To get started please email us at Books@Caprichosbooks.com with the following information:

  • Publisher information
  • Distribution information
  • Pricing (retail and wholesale)
  • Contact information for the author
  • Web address and social media links for author and/or book
  • A copy of or synopsis of the book
  • List of other retailers stocking the title
  • Advertising/marketing undertaken by the author
  • Events and gatherings executed or scheduled
  • JPEG image of cover art for web use
  1. Self-published books are taken on a consignment basis only until a proven sales record is established.
  2. Wholesale and retail costs of the book will be established upon acceptance of the book. Typical markup from wholesale is 40 percent
  3. Caprichos Books will stock the title for six months, reordering when necessary.
  4. Caprichos Books will list the title for sale on our website in the local author’s section. We will also post 2-3 times on our social media about your book being available including a shout out on a live video.
  5. Authors MUST link to Caprichos Books website from their own website(s) and must post 2-3 times in a 6 month time period on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Posts should include a tag of Caprichos Books.
  6. If the book sells within the allotted six-month time period, payment will be made.
  7. The basic handling fee for consignment books is $25, which directly covers promotional costs that traditional publishers enjoy at Caprichos Books. Checks should be made to Caprichos Books and paid upon acceptance of your book.
  8. Authors are responsible for picking up any unsold books at the end of their 6 month time period. Any books left beyond 7 months from initial stocking will be considered forfeit and property of Caprichos Books to be sold at a discount or donated.
  9. Your books should be findable on Indiebound.org and Ingram. Please do not send us an Amazon link to your book. We will not work with authors who advertise extensively their books available on Amazon. That is a company that is working directly against small businesses and communities like ours. If you need additional information on publishing not using their platforms please send an email to books.caprichosbooks.com

Review copies provided to the store become the property of Caprichos Books.

Tips for a successful consignment

  1. Encourage your friends, family, and other contacts to purchase your book at Caprichos Books or through our website and by linking to your book on Indie Bound. Most Independent bookstores will not carry a book when they visit an authors site to find the author has only linked to Amazon (our biggest competitor.)
  2. Contact local media and mailing lists to let them know that the book is available at Caprichos Books and independent bookstores.
  3. Send out press releases, review copies and other promotional materials.
  4. Get involved with book clubs, libraries, and other community organizations. Greater success comes from a wide array of author-coordinated promotion.