More than a Princess


New Hardcover E.D. Baker

From E. D. Baker, a magical new series about a heroic princess who’s more than she seems—and a kingdom whose fate rests in her hands.

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Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Aislin is more than just a princess — she’s half-fairy and half-pedrasi, with magical gifts that let her draw strength from the wilderness around her. When she’s captured and used as bait between two warring kingdoms, she must find a way to break free of their plot… while also minding the human princesses she encounters, conventionally beautiful girls who are all too ready to point out her differences. Thankfully, Aislin’s inner strength goes beyond her magical qualities, and with a few loyal friends by her side, she’s ready to stand up for herself and her kingdom.
E. D. Baker, whose books have sold over 1 million copies, offers a classic, original fairy-tale that celebrates beauty and goodness in all its shapes and sizes, sure to delight readers who love magic, suspense, girl power, and adventure.

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